The Happiness Company

Family Life—partnership, children, providing for family—should be the center of our lives. At SUNIX, we know that work is merely a means to an end. We encourage our employees always to consider their home and their family over responsibilities here at work.

We like to refer to SUNIX as a Happiness Company because of our dedication to a healthy work-life balance.

The wellbeing of our staff is our number one priority and we do whatever it takes to keep them motivated, healthy, and uplifted. We’ve provided substantial pay raises for 20 consecutive years along with half-year and annual year-end bonuses, overseas trips, healthy and nutritious meals, family day events, transportation, expanded personal insurance, disallowing overtime and overwork, and more.

We even provide what we call a Happiness Passport. It’s a list of benefits that the company provides for each employee. With programs like these SUNIX is able to promote high quality family life and a responsible corporate culture that encourages healthy a balance.