SUNIX and the Environment

Environmental safety and climate health is by far our generation’s toughest and most important challenge. And while we’re all called to keep this planet healthy, as a manufacturer in the technology industry it is even more crucial that SUNIX shines as an example of responsible and careful ecological stewardship.

Future success and sustained growth is entirely dependent on the existence of a healthy Earth. That’s why SUNIX is so committed, with our Green Policy and other measures, to operate as a sustainable and responsible manufacturer.

We’re dedicated to growth and development that allows us to produce an ever-increasing amount of product while minimizing impact on our environment. We face these technological challenges bravely and rely on a fusion of economic growth and environmental responsibility to carry us forward as a continued global leader.

RoHS Directive (2002/95/EC) and WEEE Directive (2002/96/EC)

These restrictive measures were created to curb damaging manufacturing processes and keep harmful substances out of consumer products.

With strict timetables and uncompromising standards SUNIX has adopted these requirements and others because we’re committed to protecting people and the environment. But we’ve gone even farther than what international law requires.

We’ve dedicated our own research facilities to identifying and removing any materials used in our processes that pose a potential hazard to our employees, customers, or the environment.

Our Promise:

  • To design and manufacture products with the constant consideration of their impact on the environment and the people who use them
  • To comply with or exceed any standard or legislation concerning our processes
  • To protect local and distant communities from environmental damage
  • To measure and continually decrease any negative impact on the environment caused by our manufacturing
  • To guarantee safe working conditions for all SUNIX employees around the world