Finally say goodbye to PCI Cards that require complicated setups and multiple computers; we’ve brought connectivity management into a new era of simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Thanks to DevicePort, you can attract more clients with better device management solutions.

Commercial & Industrial Device Management is Easier, Faster and Cheaper with SUNIX’s All-New DevicePort

Easily design, create, and maintain complicated wired or remote management systems with these revolutionary features:

  • Fast and easy expansion for tackling even the largest challenges
  • Simple and cost-effective maintenance your clients will appreciate
  • Cost saving on the front and back-end that widens your profit margins
  • Perfect for big data applications that demand the ultimate in speed, durability, and longevity
  • I/O redirection capabilities that provide virtually limitless configuration options
  • Streamline virtual machine systems by using significantly less hardware and save on time, cost, and manpower
  • Time Division Multiple Access applications simplify even the most complex connectivity situations

Quick, Simple, and Cost Effective Maintenance

The DevicePort is built strong so that no matter what you have in store the job gets done. But when it is time for maintenance, features like Hot Swap and Plug-n’-Play ensure that troubleshooting is always fast, inexpensive, and easy.

Remote Management has Never Been so Convenient

Access and control mobile or wireless devices with a secure system guaranteed to solve any remote management issue. Plus, without the need for multiple controlling computers, you’ll save space and simplify design.

Finally, Create TDMA Systems the Easy Way

Enjoy fast and convenient functionality that supports one-to-multiple and multiple-to-multiple communication between the devices your clients need to access and control.

Expand or Reduce in Seconds Without Going Offline

Daisy chain as many DevicePorts as your solution requires. And when plans or needs change you can easily swap, add, or reduce the amount of Deviceports in your system without taking anything offline.

Virtual Machine Setups Just Became Even More Cost Effective

Create simple, easy to maintain Virtual Machine systems without the need for multiple, expensive computers. Stay within even the strictest budgets with the cost saving VM solutions made possible by DevicePort.

Third Part Integrations Allow for the Freedom You Demand

SUNIX’s System Integrator supports API and DLL modules from many third party companies so that with DevicePort, your device management options are virtually limitless.

No matter what connectivity challenge you face on your next project, DevicePort offers the features you need to provide the fastest, simplest, and most cost effective solution for your clients.

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