Company Profile

A World Leader in Commercial & Industrial Communication Technologies

For more than 30 years, SUNIX has stood as a global leader in serial communication technologies. Since 1995 when we released the world’s very first RS-232 single-chip communication card, we’ve remained on the front lines of development and innovation.

The SUNIX Group has regional headquarters across the world with offices in Taiwan, The United States, Germany, Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

We strive to over deliver and outperform at our three core objectives: Research and Development, Manufacturing, and Service.

SUNIX products cover industrial and commercial communications, communications automation, office automation, and consumer electronics that meet the diverse needs of individual users, small businesses, large businesses, and public construction. At present, deep in the field of IoT (Internet of things), the innovative EAZINet technology eliminates complex network settings allowing for easy plug-and-play network equipment.

The full range of networking solutions provided by SUNIX are easy to install, reduce customer management, lower maintenance costs, and provide more and better IoT applications and popularization.

The SUNIX group boasts a strong R&D division with a pioneering vision of the market by the world’s top-tier manufacturers. Many users trust SUNIX development enough to become close operating partners.

SUNIX business philosophies value environmental protection, charity, happiness, culture, core and trust, and the pursuit of enterprise excellence and sustainable development. SUNIX offers differentiated technology to OEM/ODM customers and SUNIX brand marketing worldwide.

SUNIX EAZINet is a revolutionary “plug and play” Networking Technology. Users don’t need complicated IP setting. I/O devices immediately configure the network automatically as soon as the driver is installed. EAZINet is a SUNIX Proprietary and patent protected technology that allows devices under a sensor layer to connect with a network. In the coming IoT era, many sensors send data to the cloud for collection, computing, and integration. They then forward analysis reports to the end user for monitoring and automation control.

SUNIX pioneered the “Commercial Communication” business model and our technology provides innovative business solutions, (DevicePort… ) bringing more conveniences to daily life.

On any given day, whether or not you realize it, you are interacting with, experiencing, and benefiting from a SUNIX product. Earlier today as you withdrew cash from the ATM, swiped your card at the gas station or paid a toll to skip traffic, you were experiencing the reliability of the SUNIX brand.

Plug Into A Brand-new World

SUNIX provides communication products to realize the expansion of communication equipment and networking possibilities. The perfect combination of humanities, environmental protection, and technology is the world we strive to create. SUNIX: Plug Into a Brand-New World”.