Our Charity Outreach

There is no force on this planet with as much potential for good as Human Compassion. And while mankind’s potential for destruction is daunting our insatiable desire to help others always prevails.

Here at SUNIX we’ve put this belief into action with The Walker Association, an organization that provides care and assistance to the needy in our local and national communities.

The Walker

The Walker Association visits organizations and public interest groups so that SUNIX can assist them as they help the needy.

The Association also sponsors cultural development programs like the Taiwanese folk music and cultural art workers, allowing them to perform and uplift underprivileged groups. We support these local artists and provide performance venues so that their art can enrich and uplift our communities.

The Walker Association vows to assist and support:

  • Orphans, abused children, mentally challenged children, and children with cancer who are living in remote areas and are registered with the Ministry of the Interior
  • Nursing home, abandoned elders, convalescent homes, and domestically abused women who are living in remote areas and are registered with the Ministry of the Interior

For over 20 years we have worked with World Vision to help children in every corner of the world who have no access to school, are suffering in war zones, or have been diagnosed with cancer.

“As we travel across this land, we look for suffering and pain.  As we enter the backcountry, we bring supplies and affection.  As we walk down streets and alleys, we look for local culture and arts.  As we play all the walks of life, we bring them spiritual comfort and condolence.”