Urban Transportation Simplified: A Reliable Public Bicycle Parking System Made Easy

Urban Transportation : Public Bicycle Parking System

Riding a bicycle leisurely down the lanes and alleys of a city reduces traffic and vehicle emissions while providing a great way for visits and locals to experience a city. A simple way to rent, travel with, and return city bicycles would be a hugely valuable addition to any urban area. With a reloadable payment card and an automated bicycle lock-up system, anyone can easily access and return bicycles from anywhere in the city at any time of the day.

To make this innovative and practical public transportation project possible, each automatic parking machine needs 8 RS-232ports. When large European cities encountered this challenge they turned to SUNIX, the industry leader in serial card design. SUNIX was proud to be a part of the project because a civil service that joins art, environmental protection, and humanities perfectly aligns with our corporate vision.

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The close partnership between SUNIX and its distributors is a win-win.
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Combining art, humanities, and technology into the SUNIX culture.
SUNIX is dedicated to providing intelligent, humanized communication technology to help people live more convenient and comfortable lives. Our corporate culture mixes humanity with art and promotes serious environmental protection. The value of SUNIX products comes not only from its state-of-the-art technology but also the new technology trend arising from this fusion of art, humanities, and technology.