Parking: Data Control System for Smooth Parking


Centrally controlled distributed parking areas in the Taipei City Hall Parking


The big cities like Taipei are the most effected cities where car parking is becoming difficult and difficult with each coming day. In the downtown area after completion of the mass project like 101 Tower (The tallest building in the world till now), the need was felt to integrate all available City Government parking lots in the central control system. The administration wants to acquire the all the data over the Ethernet from the electronic parking to provide accurate information about number of parking available at certain areas in the specific level. This will help people to save time to look around for the parking space area to area and level to level once enter. Before entering into the parking they will get the information and drive to available area.



Provide state of the art parking access control system with centralized monitoring. The main idea was to give vehicle drivers right information about parking space to save time and fuel.



SUNIX expert team offers the immediate and right solution with combination of serial cards plus Managed Ethernet Switches. The low-profile serial cards were the right choice to fit the industrial computer that will control all the serial devices e.g. sensors, PLCs, EMS.

The Managed Ethernet Switches solution in the ring topology offers convenient connectivity at the central data management center. The ELITE Ring function offers non-stop communication without any network failure. This opens the way to access any kind of data in future between the distributed locations and center.

The computers get the data from each parking space (whether it fills or not) and process to central location where application software compile and process it, and display the accurate information at public displays.

Now car owners don´t need to enter the parking, go to basement and make whole trip to know there is no space, and move to next level.

This solution not only saves time but also fuel wasted on circling around to find parking. It can be of little help towards having better environment by saving energy and spreading less pollution.




gray-arrow Extended solutions for industrial grade communication and networking.
gray-arrow Real-time data availability with centralized control.
gray-arrow AHDC/CS™ technology for collision free serial communication.
gray-arrow Excellent support and services.
The SUNIX solution not only meets the current requirements but future proof to implement any additional components to enhance the services. The Ethernet switches provide resilient network, and the ability to pin point network problems. Serial cards support various Operating Systems and single chipset solution, which means less CPU usage and enhanced computer performance.