Parking Lot System : Solution for Automated Parking System


Centrally controlled distributed parking areas


Computing is becoming more and more essential part of living. When it stuck to traffic control, it is thought to use in the parking areas. In this way they can able to better monitor the parking areas and provide better security with decreasing the operation cost. It is also convenient for public to use this system with the sense of security. Electronic payment system means more accurate billing and option to use credit card for payments.



Provide modern and secure parking access control system with centralized monitoring. The idea was to keep the existing hardware while adding the new to meet the requirements. In some areas the systems is quite up to date but in some areas, it was the legacy manual system.



Taking the complexity and nature of the project, SUNIX serial (RS-422/485) cards and SNMP Managed Ethernet switches were used. Serial cards added the serial ports in the local workstation to communicate with serial devices attached to parking system, such as multiple types of card readers, gate controller etc. With implementing managed switches solution in the ring topology offers convenient connectivity at the central data management center. The ELITE Ring function offers non-stop communication with any network failure. This opens the way to access any kind of data in the future between the distributed locations and center without any failure. Sharing of video streams from security surveillance system is made possible, in case required. Amazingly, it helps to reduce the maintenance cost as easy to pin point the problem immediately in case of any warning.




gray-arrow Extended solutions for industrial grade communication and networking.
gray-arrow Real-time data availability with centralized control.
gray-arrow AHDC/CS™ technology for collision free serial communication.
gray-arrow Excellent support and services.
The SUNIX solution not only meets the current requirements but future proof to implement any additional components to enhance the services. The Ethernet switches provide resilient network, and the ability to pin point network problems. Serial cards support various Operating Systems and single chip set solution, which means less CPU usage and enhanced computer performance.