Create Affordable Intelligent Metering Systems
Quickly and Easily with DevicePort

For a landlord with multiple properties it gets extremely difficult to monitor utility usage. But with the DevicePort, you can read, check, and monitor meters anywhere without driving across town.

Long Distance Wired Connections aren’t an Option

Using wired RS-485 connections to transmit data is impractical and, in some cases, even impossible.

Don’t Waste Time and Money on Complex Server and Cables Installation

Serial device server installations require complicated IP settings and are generally designed for use in engineering applications. A setup like this has the landlord paying even more in installation and operating costs.

DevicePort’s Powerful, Easy, and Cost-Effective Solution

Ethernet Options Simplify Wiring Setups

Most modern buildings come equipped with Ethernet connectivity. SUNIX’s DevicePort takes advantage of this existing resource, allowing you to connect RS-485 meters over Ethernet without any costly or complicated rewiring. With DevicePort, it’s easy and affordable to turn any meter into a smart device that’s easily monitored remotely.

Quick Installation, Convenient Plug-n-Play, Easy Maintenance

Most traditional serial device equipment involves complex installation but DevicePort doesn’t require any manual IP settings—it’s a plug and play solution. And in the event of a breakdown simply swap the faulty device with a new one without shutting down the system or reconfiguring any settings. With installation and maintenance that’s fast and easy, the DevicePort is the best, most cost-effective smart metering solution.