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SUNIX DevicePort Making Restaurant Logistics Simple and Easy

This client runs a well-known garden-themed restaurant with beautiful scenery and lots of land. It’s a very popular holiday destination. Because the restaurant is so large and spread out they’ve created a ticketing system that sends orders to chefs via printers located at workstations within the kitchen. The current setup requires a network server within the kitchen that receives and sends these messages to printers.

Existing Hardware Challenges

  • The current ordering system is poorly wired with a confusing and unreliable setup
  • Smoke and steam from the kitchen interfere with communication systems between servers and printers
  • Whenever the system shuts down or needs maintenance the entire kitchen comes to a halt

The DevicePort Solution

  • The DevicePort makes wiring simple, easy, and more space efficient
  • DevicePort allows servers to be moved into a dedicated server room, avoiding any interference from kitchen smoke or steam
  • Should the system require maintenance, the Hot Swap feature allows workers to simply swap one DevicePort for another without a full system shutdown
By transitioning to the SUNIX DevicePort system the restaurant was able to move the printer server into a dedicated server room. This more efficient setup freed up space and reduced clutter within the kitchen while creating a more stable system without interference from smoke, steam, or water damage.

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