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Currency Printing: Banknote Printing and Counterfeit Banknote Prevention


Revealing the Secrets of Currency Printing


Walking through the magnificent marble paved lobby of the 230 thousand square meter currency print shop gives you an indescribable sense of excitement. Just beyond its front doors you see and smell the finely crafted banknotes flashing before your eyes at a rate of thousands per minute.
A senior technician tells us: What looks like a simple banknote is packed full of hidden devices such as a currency figurehead watermark, hand carved sculptures, magnetic security thread, low-vision feature, currency denomination printed in color-shifting ink, horizontal and vertical dual numbers, microprinting letters, and more. Each bill contains at least 10 different counterfeiting prevention security features.
We also learn that the most effective way to check a banknote’s authenticity is by observing the hair on the image. The hair on a real bill is very clear and vivid, with each strand completed in one single brushstroke. Such fineness cannot be copied on a counterfeit bill. Currency printing shops use the RS-232 signals to perform such precise image control. In addition, the number of banknotes printed and the important task of assigning a serial number for each banknote is also precisely controlled through the RS-232 signals.
To counteract counterfeit currency, technicians at the currency printing shops go all out in making new technological breakthroughs that require very unique equipment specifications. SUNIX not only provides state-of-the-art RS-232 serial cards but also produces customized RS-232 transmission cables tailored made to meet the special requirements of currency printing shops. This type of exclusive service lets currency manufacturers rest assured their producing the most secure bills possible.



Exclusive Differentiation Provides Complete Customer Assurance
To prevent leakage of currency printing technology, every process and detail within a currency printing shop is carefully controlled. The full range of services provided by SUNIX satisfies customer demands for RS-232 technology and produces custom RS-232 transmission cables for additional security.
Counterfeit Banknote Prevention and Foreign Currency Coin Dispensers Controlled by the RS-232 Signal
Counterfeit banknote detection and prevention is also handled by currency manufacturers. The identification of counterfeit banknotes and efficient counting of counterfeit banknotes can be conducted through the RS-232 signal. In addition, foreign currency coin dispensers use the RS-232 signal to control coin insertion, press button selection, cash dispensing, and counting.