Kiosk and Self-Service

Gas Stations: Multimedia and Motor Registry Operations

The New Gas Station Economy

Modern gas stations do a lot more than just pump gas. With video advertisements, vehicle inspection devices, and card readers all located at the pump, gas station IT solutions have become a surprising challenge.

Vehicle inspection equipment links to the Motor Vehicles Office using an I/O Device connected to GPS. Advertisement displays are also linked to GPS through I/O Devices so that content stays relevant and up to date.

Traffic, vibration, noise, and lightning can all affect the long-range signal transmission of the I/O Devices. The SUNIX I/O Device provides customers with surge and isolation protection, ensuring information and important equipment will not be damaged by sudden changes in electric voltage.

And for gas stations providing more diverse services, the SUNIX I/O Device Auto Detect and Switching design allows the various devices on the I/O Device to automatically switch signals, keeping the system as simple and easy to maintain as possible.




RS-422/485 Auto Detect and Switching
The SUNIX RS-422/485 Card uses the unique RS-422/485 Auto Detect and Switching design, which can detect and determine whether the equipment point is a RS-422 or RS-485 and then automatically switches signals. This type of design saves engineers the trouble of having to switch signals when using the equipment.
Complete Surge and Isolation Protection
The RS-422/485 is usually used for long range signal transmission. During the transmission, because of the long distance, signals are very likely to be affected by abnormal electrical surges or even lightning strikes. With the complex environment of gas stations, the SUNIX RS-422/485 provides 600W surge and 2.5K isolation protection to choose from, so that data transmission and customer equipment is not be effected by sudden changes in electrical voltage.