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KIOSK : Multimedia Downloading


4 Ports RS­232 Serial Card



Music and fun at the tip of your fingers


After inserting a coin, you can immediately download the song onto your cell phone. The widespread application of multimedia KIOSK has brought about convenience and comfort into our daily lives. Through the Bluetooth wireless transmission or USB interface you can download your favorite music as well as the latest movies onto your cell phone, MP3, or IPOD. The multimedia KIOSK, which is installed in large shopping malls and department stores, provides music lovers with an all new instant multimedia access experience.

Compared to walking into a store and buying a CD, instant downloading provides even greater appeal and impulsive buying. The most important factor in multimedia downloading is stability. Product compatibility and quality requirements are also of the highest standard, i.e. “the product must be Microsoft WHQL certified” and the testing program is needed during installation. The SUNIX Serial Card series has already been WHQL certified, which can quickly create a mutual trust platform with the customer.

In addition, SUNIX provides a silent­install driver package that helps customers save a lot of online driver installation and testing time. The overall cooperation leaves a deep impression on both parties. SUNIX provides high quality products and services while customers turn wonderful music and fantastic movie clips into instantly accessible fun!




Microsoft WHQL certification
Microsoft WHQL certification is the best way to ensure a product´s compatibility with the Windows software system and its legitimate usage. All SUNIX RS­232 Serial Card products have passed Windows XP and Vista X86/X64 certification. This is widely used and trusted by customers around the world and can thereby effectively help customers win project bids.
Provide project EMS customers with the best solution
For project customers who need to install many PCs, SUNIX provides the silent­install driver package, which can greatly reduce the steps and time needed for driver installation and testing.