Factory Automation

Easily Monitor and Maintain Automated Manufacturing Systems with Industrial Device Servers from SUNIX


The Factory Automation Challenge:


The sophisticated automation systems in this textile warehouse can’t communicate with factory floor devices due to incompatibility with their programmable logic controllers.
To reliably produce the highest quality fabrics this customer needs to monitor each of the following in real-time:
gray-arrow Loss of Utilization (Out-of Production times)
gray-arrow Stoppages – up to 8 distinct stoppages with reasons including Weft, Warp
gray-arrow Stoppage analysis
gray-arrow Production report shift wise/sort wise for any period and up to the minute
gray-arrow Instantaneous and average production speeds
gray-arrow Warp change schedule Maintenance scheduling of machines

The SUNIX Solution


The SUNIX Industrial Device Server (IDS) perfectly synchronized the factory’s Ethernet/IP network with its industrial serial devices. The device servers have an upper layer protocol fully compatible with standard TCP/IP protocols such as HTTP and SNMP. SUNIX IDS series also offer communication redundancies that are quite important for some serial segments. Those important serial devices integrate through IDS-3042 models which offer redundant ports and 3-in-1 serial ports.

The auto-detection and switching of serial devices (between RS-422 and RS-485) allows this factory to apply the same objects and profiles for plug-and-play interoperability among different serial devices. Ethernet/IP provides manufacturers like this textile company with a proven and future-proof network solution, one that incorporates all the advantages that have made Ethernet and Internet technologies ubiquitous and essential in office applications.

“In our manufacturing facility, we needed a solution to add multiple serial ports connecting loom machines, PLCs, barcode scanners and printers in order to improve product quality assurance and access more detailed manufacturing lot information. We were looking for products that not only provide serial to Ethernet integration, but are also reliable, user friendly, and withstand the harsh factory floor environment. The SUNIX DevicePort was the perfect solution to communicate with all of these added devices on our Ethernet/IP platform. It allowed us to minimize long-term costs and still leverage our current infrastructure investment.”

— Tim Roger, Chief Engineer


Why Choose the SUNIX Industrial Device Server?


gray-arrow Extended range of serial to Ethernet communication solutions
gray-arrow Higher reliability with Ethernet redundancy
gray-arrow Easy to use products with efficient integration capabilities
Manufacturing companies and their engineers don’t have to be slaves to industrial automation protocols. Device servers from SUNIX enables plant floor devices like CNC and PLC machines to communicate using the same network language. This provides a fast and simple way to access raw data without a large capital investment. The most flexible device servers available, SUNIX Device Server enable communication between serial devices residing on the factory floor and PLCs supporting the legacy serial industrial protocols.