Tax System : Office Machine Control System


square-arrow-blue Working With Success to Create Win-Win

Many successful individuals or companies become successful by finding the right formula, and then replicating the formula over and over again, until they become the role model of success among their peers or their industry. National projects emphasize and rely heavily on previous success examples because these projects involve huge budgets as well as the overall development of the country. The highest national tax agency was revamping its tax collection system and needed a trustworthy vendor with plenty of successful experience.

We wanted a parallel card that could self testing and verifying completely support ECP/EPP/BPP/SPP. This was a very special request because it required a team that could design chips. Actually SUNIX parallel card not only can support all four modes, but even more special is its unique self detection design that can automatically detect the modes. The user simply plugs in the equipment and the SUNIX parallel card will automatically detect and adjust the necessary settings for the specific mode. This humanized design allows the user to completely forget about any manual setting problems. However, self testing and verifying support all four modes was a new and interesting topic.

From the beginning, the SUNIX chip design team built a self simulation and testing system. Through the virtual equipment, test results showed that the SUNIX parallel card could simultaneously support ECP/ EPP/BPP/SPP modes. The SUNIX R&D team once again successfully fulfilled the customer´s demands, and won the customer´s admiration for its unique auto detection design. SUNIX´s success experiences, spread through word of mouth, drove the country´s highest tax agency to acquire the SUNIX 2 ports and 1 port parallel multi I/O card, enabling all the tax agencies to link up their office machines to printers and scanners. As the top ranking tax officer believed, “Only by working with successful people can you achieve even greater success!”

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Self detecting ECP/EPP/BPP/SPP modes
Being able to simultaneously support ECP/EPP/BPP/SPP modes gives more flexibility when expanding equipment. Full support of the IEEE1284 communication protocol allows easy equipment expansion such as printers, card readers, scanners, etc. to be added. The most important point in this project is the SUNIX R&D team´s ability to fulfill the customer´s demands and their passionate service, thereby winning the customer´s complete trust.
Working with success to create win-win
SUNIX has been specializing in parallel and serial communication cards for over 20 years. Constant development and improvement has made us the leading manufacturer in the world, while our accumulated success experience can help many customers resolve their problems. We never know when problems will arise, but most important is the ability to solve the problems and march toward success!