Post Office :Postal Service and Banking Service System

square-arrow-blue A Priceless Lesson

In order to meet the SUNIX R&D team, the customer flew thousands of kilometers just to attend a training session on RS-232 principles and structure. From 9 p.m. to 3 o´clock in the morning, after 6 straight hours of introduction by the SUNIX R&D team, the members of the customer´s project team got a new and deeper understanding of the RS-232 and its application in the development of the software for their national post office system. To them, this learning course was priceless.

When the SUNIX sales manager got hold of the serial card specification requirements for the national post office system project, he knew that it would be very challenging. The customer needed a serial card “that could support all standard and non-standard serial devices in the market,” “can freely select 5V or 12V power supply,” “can specify which PIN to supply power,” “surefire over-current protection,” and “signal transmission module can be freely matched.” When the SUNIX R&D team handed over a tailor made serial card to the customer, they immediately requested to arrange a training session.

In the post office project, special software has to be developed to strengthen banking and postal services. How does the RS-232 signal run between the software and hardware to make the entire system operate smoothly? The customer clearly understood that SUNIX´s expertise was well worth flying the distance, just for a lesson.

square-arrow-blue WHY SUNIX
Strong tailor making ability
In this project, among the linkage serial equipment, there is an encryption keyboard that is not standard serial equipment. Therefore, the SUNIX R&D team made several adjustments to fit in with the customer´s special hardware needs. This strong tailor making ability won the customer´s confidence and trust.
Professional RS-232 technical support
The SUNIX R&D team has over 20 years of RS-232 expertise and practical experience, which they passionately share with their global partners. Through this interaction, tremendous value is created.