Advanced Mode

Design device management systems that guarantee:

  • Quick installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wireless device management
  • Virtual Machine support

With the DevicePort’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure applications and its Serial Port Auto-Mapping feature, it’s easier than ever to wirelessly manage multiple devices at teller windows, retail checkout stands, and hospital rooms.

With Advanced Mode, you can create Thin Client VM Applications that serve virtual desktops so you can save valuable space and reduce costs by surpassing the need for multiple computers.

And because the DevicePort was designed with maintenance and system updates in mind, features like hot-swap and plug-n’-play ensure troubleshooting and expansion are always simple and never require a full system shutdown.

SUNIX DevicePort’s Advanced Mode:

  • Easily swap DevicePorts in and out of the system with the time saving Hot Swap Feature
  • Provide more freedom and mobility by managing devices from just about anywhere using DevicePort’s ethernet extension system
  • Easily expand management systems and setup serial ports with AutoMapping that saves you time and manpower
  • Guarantee the ultimate in security with DevicePort’s data transfer features
  • Use I/O Redirection technology to check serial port status even while using a virtual machine

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