About Sunix





Established in 1986 and leading the market since, SUNIX specializes in research and development as well as the design and manufacturing of premium commercial communication technology. We provide a world class, vertical integration of IC design, manufacturing, and global distribution.

Our flagship product line has two main focuses: holistic systems integrations and Information Technology products.

The SUNIX Group has regional headquarters across the world with offices in Taiwan, The United States, Germany, Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

We strive to over deliver and outperform at our three core objectives: Research and Development, Manufacturing, and Service.

Our R&D team works to constantly improve our IC design and provide customers with comprehensive service. And our dedication to conscientious environmental impact keeps our manufacturing team devoted to designing and utilizing only the most ecofriendly manufacturing procedures.

We are experts in commercial communications, have extensive customization experience, and we have cemented global partnerships with some of the largest international brands.

We remain focused on the most innovative designs and uncompromising quality assurance. These principles have allowed us to stand apart as industry leaders and our continued dedication to them will keep us at the forefront of success.

SUNIX Mission

Innovate, Improve, Support

We establish lasting customer relationships by providing the most innovative products that improve businesses and support individuals around the world.

SUNIX Vision

We will continue taking the lead in serial and networking technology along with environmental and humanitarian responsibility.

Our corporate culture was founded in cultural and artistic development— with that in mind SUNIX invites you to join us as we “Plug Into A Brand-New World.”